Saturday, September 11, 2010

What An Anny!

Two years ago today I was physically assaulted. Today, I celebrated life by meeting and working out with a trainer.

Do you ever feel as if God plants a seed so that when the storm comes, you'll have a tree to take shelter under? That's where I feel I am today. A couple of days ago I was inspired by nothing but simply the breeze, to stop by a new gym and get a membership. There are no contracts so with my husband now jobless, this may only be a month long thing, but it's happening anyway.

CQ, the guy who assessed me suggested I go with 4 training sessions and then hit the road running. I agreed and today I met with Kayla. :) She pushed me to see how hard we could push my knees. They held pretty strong. I left the gym feeling like jello, but overall in a great mood.

And this is where I feel the seed was planted. Before I knew our lives would be changing so drasticalling (the previous mention of my husband's jobless moment) God put into place something I needed so that when the stress built up and then tumbled down, I'd have a place I could go to just let it all out.

As crazy as it all seems, running/working out has been a life saver for me this year, and this has all been lead by God. It's like when that little nudge inside of you says, "do this," and you do it. That's what's been happening. I don't sit around thinking of all the logical reasons I can't do it, or why I don't want to do it, I simply do it.

I don't know what tomorrow looks like, but as I look around today, we're all healthy and we're all good. I'm not saying don't plan for a raining day, but right now, the waters are calm...even if if looks like we're heading straight into a storm.
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