Monday, October 25, 2010

Cut the Fluff With McFatty Mondays: You On A Diet (Continues)

So, last week I mentioned I had started reading, You On A Diet, and, it's becomming a pretty big hit, in my opinion. :)

I just googled the title and found this link: It looks great, check it out, and let me know what new tips you've learned!

So, back to the book, it seems, our body first uses fat to store up our glycogen supply (sugar stored in the mucles for fast use) and then sugar/fat is stored as fat (which becomes the backup storage system for engergy). It takes the body roughly 30 minutes to use the glycogen held within the mucles, and it's only then that the body turns to stored fat to burn as energy. So, that's where we get that most awesome guideline of 30 minutes of exercise to maintain weight while weight loss requires 60 minutes a day.

Now, before you start throwing a hissy that there is simply no way you can incorporate 60 minutes of exercise into your day, take a moment to also realize that muscle requires more energy simply to maintain than does say, oh, fat. So, it's a good idea to build muscles that requires fuel through out the day as well as cardio and/or aerobic exercise that will also burn sugar/fat.

Simply put, tone your muscles & they will use stored sugar/fat, don't tone your muscles, they will simply make room for more fat. I'd rather do the first. I'M GONNA DO THE FIRST!

Starting today, I'm bringing back my morning workout (when I can). I understand life is hectic and that working out may not always be my first priority and I'm willing to make adjustments when need be, but NEVER is there a time when I can't work out in some way/form indefinitly.

And that's the difference. Do you want it? Are you willing to do what you need to get it? I am.


93 ounces of water a day

4 workout days this week

aiming for a 2000 weekly calorie burn

maintain blood sugar levels through small snacks

do NOT over eat and experience reactive hypoglycemia

incorporate morning workouts, whether it be pilates or 30 Day Shred

make the difference...


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