Monday, October 18, 2010

Fit Meal Monday

I am all about trying to eat healthier which includes serving healthy meals to my fam. as well. So, when I came across Fit Meal Monday , I happly clapped myself into list making mode and set out to think up some healthy meals for this week.

My main focus this week will be including more fish into our diets, which actually just means adding it in once this week. :) It's a process and I'm still learning...


fish (Cod) lightly rubbed w/ olive oil, seasoned, and skillet cooked

brown rice

turnip greens

apple slices


turkey breast, sliced

wild rice

baked sweet potatoes


chicken breast, grilled with seasoning, cut up in salad.


blacked eyed peas

green beans

wheat bread

steamed kale


Speghetti with ground beef

whole wheat speghetti

stewed tomatoes and veggies

I can't wait to link up and read other great ideas!!


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