Saturday, October 23, 2010

Get Smart About Credit

Yesterday was, Get Smart About Credit Day, and how did you celebrate it?

I did nothing in regards to this special day. I mean I took a great walk and such but I did nothing in regards to my credit. I did read over my Fidelity papers that assured me they would never sell my private info to other companies...thanks, guys, I appreciate that! but shouldn't that be a given? everybody's always out to make a buck...

Anyway, I don't have the best Papa does though. :) Sean and I have been working on ours for the past year and I'm sure the numbers have greatly improved, but still, I'd like to do more. We do have some savings, which is good, cause we have an old car and a Hubs out of work, but overall, I'm still not where I'd like to be financially. Sometimes I even day dream about whether or not I'll have enough to retire on. I mean, I more day dream about winning the lottery and then stuffing it all back so that I can live out my golden years reading books and sipping tea. And of course, I'd have a huge responsibility to the less fortunate, if I had that kind of money, and yet then again, I'm called to take care of others no matter what my wallet says.

I have a big question: do we actively participate in bringing about the kingdom of God or do we mingle around and simply wait on His return?

I love how we went from money to the good Lord, and that's the way it's to be. :)


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