Monday, October 11, 2010

Pillows, Please

I'm in need of some new bed pillows. It seems after about 10 years or so you have to throw away the old and collect some new. I know, 10 years sounds pretty gross when you think about laying your head down on something.

Do any of you wash your pillows? I have before, but I don't do it often. I usually do a weekly wash of my sheets and pillow cases, but my Hubs seems to be able to soak through the cases and leave a nice dirty stain on his pillows. Ohhhhhhhhhh, gross!

And, now, I'm getting a nice, stiff neck from sleeping on old, worn out pillows. Anyone have a particular pillow that they simply love? What's the name of it? Give me some prices, or simply ship me a couple over and I'll try 'em out. :)

Oh, and have you seen these Pillow Pets ? They are adorable! I think I should decorate the whole house in them. Well, the kids would at lesat enjoy it. :)

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