Monday, October 11, 2010

Cut The Fluff With Mcfatty Mondays: Hypoglycemia

Hi there, I'm Toni, and I'm hypoglycemic. That's right folks, I'm finally admitting that I do have a particular body type that does, indeed, need a bit of sweet tweaking to keep it running smoothly.

I discovered my hypoglycemia when I was a teenager, actually after I had my first child, and was officially diagnosis a couple of years later by my doctor. My mom was a diabetic so she quickly recognized my symptoms of low blood sugar and gave me sound advice on avoiding sugary foods...I must admit, I've never kept myself from any type of food, at any time, for any reason...until now. :)

Since I'm a huge advocate for education, I've recently begun researching hypoglycemia and the ways in which to live with this bodily response. And, the first and foremost advice out there...avoid sugar. Ok, I gotcha, now what? Well, I'm still learning.

So, this week I'll be documenting my food and drinks to see if I actually do have the will power to remove sugar and caffeine from my diet. Yeah, I was actually saddened to see the caffeine as listed as a no-no. That one will probably be the hardest to break.

And, thanks to BeingMrsJones , I'm now gonna try and inhale 93 ounces of water a day. Wow, talk about potty breaks, people! Check here to see how many ounces you should be drinking, and then gasp and fall over cause you so know you wont hit that goal any time soon. Nah, I'm kidding, I have faith in you...YOU CAN DO IT!

And now back to me...

I worked out 2 times last week, which sucks. I burned a bit over 1,000 calories from those two sessions, which was good, but I definitely plan on a bit more this week. And, speaking of working out, my goals this week are: to see 3 hours of cardio/weight training workouts, to include fruits and veggies into my snacks and meals, and to consume an ungodly amount of water, as well as to continue to educate myself on ways to live with an over-reactive pancreas.

I hope your days are lovely; continue to sweat and look awesome in your workout clothes, for I will be doing the same. :)

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