Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back In The Day I'd Smoke a Swisher Sweets

I'm only 33 but I feel as if I've lived a couple life times.

I remember when I use to believe in reincarnation. :) Soul mates. :) Life times that would intertwine, bringing people together over and over again until "getting right" and finally finishing the race.

Now, I look at it more as being a chess piece, moving around, interacting, falling over quiet a bit, getting placed to the side, moving back on the board, falling over again, and eventually making my way over to the other player's side. Winner takes all, Baby!

I have no idea where I actually am in the game at the moment. Sometimes I think midway and then I re-assess and think nah, simply 1/3 of the way there. Who knows? Well, maybe someone does...

Do you remember father time? I'd see him on cartoons every once in awhile and I was always amazed to think of an old guy who sat around, being in charge of time. What do you think that was like? Yeah, I never could really come up with an idea either.



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