Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Being A Southerner...

I've always lived in the South, and, I'm even proud of my southern heritage with all it's land, antiques, and fine china. The times I have broken the Mason-Dixon line I have seen a cultural difference, one of which is in the social department...other areas of the country don't seem to be as chatty and/or helpful as what I've seen in the South.

For example, this morning while shopping, a woman comes around the isle, catches my attention, and begins explaining to me that she's looking for a deviled egg tray in which to transport her eggs tomorrow. Well, well, her burden became mine and we stated looking. Now, I was in no need of this egg tray and as I remained neutral to the whole plight, it was still my duty to help this woman out. Wasn't it??

Next example: I'm walking down the hall of an office building and I'm approaching two men. The one man is talking about "an older doctor" in a very southern accent. He approaches me, smiles and says, "hey, girl..." I smile back and nod. The second gentleman is several feet behind him, adjusting himself while he approaches me, smiles at me, and says, "hey, baby..." I smile and say hi. Now, they may have been knights in shining armor or be educated enough in the etique department, but they were friendly none the less, and they understood the southern social rule of sayin' hi. :)

If you wanna see me gasp do something culturally different in front of me: not smile and say hi as I pass, don't offer a helping hand by holding open doors (especially when someone's hands are full), decide not to retrieve lost buggies in the parking lot for the elderly grocery worker, and pass by other Mommies when they've got their hands full, and still need to reach an item on the shelf. I really see this as apart of life and nothing more, but, I'm coming to understand not everyone was raised with these ideas. Just because someone asks for help doesn't mean it must be given.

Where do you fall on the fence? Will you go out of your way to help someone? Will you share your life story while standing in grocery line? Are you the ideal southerner?? :)


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