Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Up Early, New Excitement

I actually set my alarm on my first off day. I've gotta go through my recipes and see what items I need to get while I'm out today. I'm sure the grocery stores are gonna be should make for some good blogging stories later. :)

I'm heading to the dr. today for some blood work. Gotta get checked for some antibodies. I am also proudly sporting some ring worm on my chin (just a battle scar from working with kids) ;). You know, it's not every day that you get to put athele's foot cream on your face and it be functional. Yeah, I'm pretty blessed.

And while I'm out, Sean will be dragging the ole christmas tree out. Jeremy and I really wanted to go "real" this year (we did last year and I wanted to make it a tradition) but I'm also trying to be a bit more frugle (my new word) and use what we already have, which is a HUGE prelit tree. Still, it should be fun decorating it and all, especially since Maddie is old enough to help. :)

Sean is also working on getting his car fixed. There's a weekend shift job that we're both interested in but you must have dependable transporation since you drive around a bit. Say a pray it all works out, please. :)

I'll also be looking around at different insurance policies. My work offers great single coverage for $100 a month but family would be over $600. I could put Maddie on it for about what I'm paying for her child care, but I've heard we can go Blue Cross Insurance for a family for a little over $200 a month. It's definitly worth shopping around.

And, I think I've pretty much decided to go ahead and do short term disability with my job. It's pretty reasonable price wise and it pays 50% of my check if I miss more than 2 weeks of work for health issues.

So, today will be busy and fun. The kids are here, except for Austin, I'll have to beg/bride him to come over. Tomorrow we'll feast and lay around the house. I'll take tons of pics and probably only post 3 (laziness). :)

Family and Friends: I love you...


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