Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner

In less than a week, 6 days to be exact, I'll be standing in my kitchen, Thursday morning, smiling and stressing at the same moment, in the fact that I'll be cooking thanksgiving dinner for family.

I've always enjoyed cooking, but I've never actually prepared a feast for extended family. My mom was always the cook. :) I wish I'd actually learned a few things from her, but what I've come up with, I've pretty much learned on my own. Oh, and let's not forget that my Hubs actually CAN cook, but in some odd, defiant way, chooses not to. Let's call it the lazy-man gene, you know your's has got it, too. :)

Anyway, the menu for this thanksgiving must be decided upon and I was thinking:

deviled eggs (I always love them for the holidays)

green bean casserole

sqaush casserole

sweet potato pie

wheat roles

cheesecake (brought in especially from Greece from one of my families)

and my MIL said she'd do the turkey and dressing. And, again, I've never made this much/type of food for a large group of people so I'll be anxious and excited all in one. I can't wait to take pics of it all and share the fun!

And, what great recipes will you be creating this year?? Are you staying home or traveling??


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