Monday, November 15, 2010

Cut The Fluff With McFatty Mondays: Yoga Style

So, it's down to crunch time in class and I've been bustin' my booty on this final paper, which is due this week. I didn't think I was making fitness a great priority until I realized this weekend that I'd had another 5 day streek of it.


And, speaking of whoooooo0hoooooo's, I finally went to the gym and did a yoga class on Saturday. I'd been thinking about going for the past month but never made the committment until now, and I LOVED it!

We worked on the back, and I was able to do all the "poses" (not really sure that's the word) until it came to the full plank, turned sideways. I could only hold that one a short while til I had to drop my leg for support, but I'll keep working on it. And, the next morning, I felt a great deal of worked muscle-ship (no, not a real word), and it felt great. I didn't realize working my back also worked my abs, arms, and chest, but yeah, let's do that again.

So, I think this will be a norm for me, Saturday mornings, what new activities have you recently tried??


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