Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Family: My Kids

Bits and Pieces of Everything to Follow:

Last week, Maddie particpated in a therapy class at her school and our PTA came into my room to tell me how awesome Maddie had done with her 3 year old skills. (Maddie is only 19 months old). So, I was super thrilled to hear, what I really already knew, how awesome my girl is. :) Just a little bragging moment...

And now on to our wish list:

some things I'm looking to get the kids for Christmas:


Elmo Electric Toothbrush, Color Me a Sound, Farm animals, and Elmo p.j.'s for Christmas Eve


the white and red books of, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, board games (he loves them), possibly more chapter books, ps 3 games (maybe), dvd player for his room, and new p.j.'s for Christmas Eve...maybe even Elmo :)


fuzzy slippers, knee length socks, and gas cards.


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