Saturday, November 6, 2010

Men and How They Pee

My Hubs just got up and walked straight into the bathroom (8:00 am), where he has been standing for the last 3 minutes, peeing, constantly. Oh wait, I think I hear a stop...oh, nope, just a tease, the stream flows on.

How, oh how, do men do it? They pee like horses!!! Is the male bladder and horse bladder the same size or something?? Or, do men simply sleep so soundly that they NEVER feel the urge to get up and go pee in the night, collecting it all for the morning, drainage??!!

I have no clue, but one day, I will share this little known fact with my daughter so she isn't taken aback by the animal that stands in her bathroom one morning, letting it all out.

Oh, and on a side note, HE DIDNT EVEN SHUT THE DOOR! *shakes head in confusion*

And, speaking of hubs and horses, here's a recent pic of the two together...with our daughter...too cute!


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