Thursday, December 16, 2010

BeNice Prenatal Vitamins Drink Mix with DHA: Review

BeNice Prenatal Vitamin Drink Mixes are geared toward the woman who is either thinking of having a baby, currently pregnant, and/or is nursing. We all know the importance of consuming water: hydrating the body, and the brain, as it all helps to keep everything running smoothly. And, we also understand the importance of a diet rich in essential vitamins before, during, and after childbirth.

With that being said, BeNice has come up with an innovative way to ensure you get your daily minerals and vitamins as well as staying hydrated. Each BeNice Penatal Vitamins Drink Mix with DHA packet contains 25% of the recommended supply of folic acid, vitamins, and minerals, along with the brain-building additive of DHA. And, by drinking the packets through out the day, your body is able to retain and utilize nutrients, while you and your baby (for preggo moms) stay hydrated. These drink mixes are de-lish and naturally sweeted with Stevia, making it quiet easy to enjoy them through out the day.

And, how many times has a pregnant woman popped a prenatal vitamin only to gag and experience good ol' morning sickness; these drink packets ensure that you're body and baby are getting exactly what they both need without the extra baggage of a nasty taste to upset a queasy stomach. I'm thinking the next baby shower I attend, I'll be placing a box of these into a nice goodie basket.

IMO (in my opinion) the advantages of BeNice Prenatal Vitamin Drink Mix are: a healthy, naturally sweetened drink mix, providing all vitamins and minerals in a convient package. As well as the fact that right now BeNice is offering a sale of a box of 10 packs for $8.99 (reg. $13.99) and/or 5 boxes (50 packets) for $37.99 (reg. $41.99).

Disadvantages: the times that I left a small portion of undrank mixture and came back for it later, there was a biter, iron taste in the drink. I recommend sipping on this drink for 30 minutes or so with the understanding that if it sits too long, you're probably not gonna want to finish it off.

Overall, I was pleased with this product, and find the alternative to popping a prenatal vitamin for a water additive to fit perfectly well with my health needs. I thank BeNice for allowing me to review their product, and encourage others to check out their site and try a packet for yourself.


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