Monday, December 27, 2010

Cut The Fluff With McFatty Mondays: 2010

So, the end is upon us.

I began running in Feb. of this year and even though I've greatly slacked off within the last two months, I feel as if it's certainly apart of my identity. Two important gifts I received this year are: a treadmill and scale. Yep, you know that cool, it-weighs-everything-even-water-weight scale? I got one!

I'm almost afraid to step on the thing though, worried it will begin yelling at me, "Fat ass! Fat ass! What were you thinking when you ate that last damn donut??!!!" Ok, I'm sure it wont be that extreme but you know what I mean...I'm not looking forward to stepping up on it (tomorrow). As I mentioned these last two months have not been my most productive and I've honestly put on close to 10 pounds...and I feel it.

However, I'm looking forward to finding my balance through nutrition and fitness and, again, trudging through the days, burning off the calories, and becoming stronger as I do. It may not always be fun, but it's important. I want to be healthy. I want to be limber and strong. I want to remove this excess fat and baggage.

So, I'm raising my H20 to the fitness freak working out next to me and toasting all the others who will put fitness and health as a major priority for 2011. Here's to you, Friends!!


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