Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beginning My Thesis

I have thought about this moment for years. Literally. I've contemplated what topic to address for almost 6 months now, and, I'm still not 100% sure I'm ready to tackle this, but I'm so excited to do so.

It begins today with a review over my proposal that I wrote last semester {roughly 20 pages}. I'm tweaking it a bit since I've changed my focus from simply the effects of early intervention to the expecations and experiences of early intervention within families of children with special needs.

I began reading info sent from my professor, an older woman, whom I've had in the past. She's hard, but I believe she's also fair. Below is a snip-it of her instructions:

A final note: You are expected to read and comprehend the APA Manual and use its guidelines in writing your paper. You are also expected to carefully PROOF each draft you give me to read so that I do not have to spend time correcting careless errors in format, syntax, spelling, and punctuation. Attached to this syllabus are the rules for the use of the comma which you may want to memorize and tattoo to the insides of your eyelids in order to remind yourself of them each time you blink!

My frustration has reached the point that I may stop reading a draft at the first incidence of an error in punctuation, spelling, capitalization or an error in APA format, and I will give the paper back to you to correct. My review of your paper should be able to focus on content, not format, punctuation, spelling capitalization, syntax, etc.

I should hardly need to add this final comment: Document, document, document! Do not use another person's ideas or words without giving credit to your source. This means also that if you quote a source, you must identify the page number! To do so is plagiarism which is subject to your being sent to Honor Court. Attached to this syllabus is UTC's policy on plagiarism.

I kind of feel like I'm in some sort of bootcamp. Good times! :)


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