Sunday, January 23, 2011

How I Use My Social Media

Twitter and Facebook seem to be two daily rituals for me. I use them both to keep up with friends and family as well as promote any reviews/giveaways I'm offering on my blog.

At times, I feel as if I spend way too much time on these sites, and yet, I must admit how easy it is to send a quick message through FB rather than even making a phone call, and isn't that what we're seeing now-a-days, less physical interaction, more technical.

I'm sure 10 years from now relationships will look different than they do now; we will develop even more code for speaking (OMG, LOL, WTF). I can see it now, Jeremy, cursing in letters.

And sadly, I do not believe all of this technology brings us any more happiness, growth, or benefit. I believe it does the opposite, and we are slowly driving ourselves further apart, isolated, and in the end, alone.

I guess you can see my true feelings on technology. I see the benefits, but socially, I just don't believe it offers many. I'd like to find more a balance, and yet, I often dream of slipping away to a Quaker farm and enjoying the rest of my life, in peace. If I ever disappear, you'll know where to find me. :)


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