Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The holidays I love the most are birthdays and Christmas. It seems these two days are always great reasons to get together with family and friends and have fun.

Having three kids, each being at such a distinct age, means each birthday is now very different. Austin will be 18 this year and he hasn't really had a big bash in quiet awhile. I wonder what this year will bring when my little boy becomes a legal adult. I feel a bit old....

Jeremy will be 9, the same age Austin was when he was born. As I was straightening up Jeremy's room today (we are still recovering from all the Christmas gifts he received) I realized that even though I think my boy is grown, he still needs so much guidance. He doesn't even hang up his own clothes yet in the closet, we simply use his dresser so he can be more independent, but I do know in a couple of years his small hangers will be replaced with larger ones and he'll not need me to help him with anything, physically that is. :) It's ok, though, I don't mind him being young for a few more years, it is my job you know, to help take care of my men. :)

Maddie will be two this year and her world just keeps evolving. I can't wait to see what she'll be doing in a couple of short months. She's already talking so much now, I'm sure she'll be speaking in sentences by March.

In reference to Christmas, I finally fell into place with my ideas this year. My husband opts out for religious reasons and I understand and support his ideas. However, we both agree that Christmas, in all it's commericalism, is about family time and fun for the kids.

As I type this tonight, I look forward to what these favorite holidays will hold in store for my family, and yours, this year. Here's to celebrations!!

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