Thursday, January 13, 2011

When I Was Little...

I always played as if I was a teacher. I had a chalk board in my room and a teacher's edition language book, you know the one with all the red typed answers in it? I thought it was the coolest ever!

I remember I would pretend I was standing in front of my class, teaching away, filling those little brains with all the info I had in my large one. :) Little cocky, eh?

It was after my dad left that I changed my mind and decided to go into psychology, and then often dreamed of law school after graduation. Law school was cut short when my husband, at the time, decided he wasn't moving for me to go to school. I went my own way.

And, it wasn't until after I graduated that I drifted back into teaching, and in 2005 I went back for my Master's in Special Education. I plan to graduate this May and you're all invited to my big shin-dig!

Overall, I guess my plans have worked out well enough. I think I dream big enough and hope for the best, but it's ultimately been the good Lord and my family that have made it all happen.

Kisses to you, Loves!

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