Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rambling Moments

I wish the tab button worked in this little post, but it doesn't. Just imagine the first word in each paragraph is tabbed once, will ya? Thanks.

I discovered today that I'm addicted to caffeine, the kind found in coffee, actually.

Did you know caffeine can cause your blood sugar to fluctuate which can cause weight gain? Yep. It sure can. Did you know caffeine has a shelf life of 24 hours within your blood? Yes. It does. Therefore when deciding to stop caffeine, you should not go cold turkey, or you will end up with a massive headache.

Ok, I'm tired of typing in some weird, question-answer mode.

I decided I'd stop drinking caffeine to help control my blood sugars. I ended up with something close to a migraine. It was hell. I came home, brewed a pot of coffee, drank it, and was finally released from the torture. And now it's 11:30 at night and I'm still wide awake. Hungry.

Tomorrow I think I'll start with half de-caff and half regular.

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