Monday, February 21, 2011

Parenting Tip 101: In My Opinion, Pick a Cup and Stick with It

I pride myself on being an educated parent, but sometimes I simply forget about common sense. When it came to feeding my baby girl, I was all about the research and therapy, i.e. bottles to sippy cups to straws/open lid cups. But here's the thing, we started with this:

and Maddie did great, but once we had the whole tilting my cup up idea, it was time to switch to something more mature, letting go of that sucking method used with this cup, and settling in to using a straw:

and she's done great with it! The only problem comes into play when we switch back and forth. I'll look over and the poor girl is titling the straw cup up, like in the old says with the sippy, and she's whining and fussing cause she isn't getting anything. I'm constantly reminding her, "hold it down, hold it down.." I think we're ultimately gonna have to toss the old sippies and only use the straw. It's great for strengthening those muscles around the mouth, which also influences speech, and, it's just one more step closer to drinking from an open lid. I know she can do an open cup, but lord help us, she'd never have a nice shirt if we started it up right now. :)

What about you? Do you stick with one type of sippy? Do you bounce around? Does your kid even care??


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