Saturday, February 5, 2011

Zumba Fail; Grocery Store Win

I made the decision to finally check out the Zumba class at my local gym. Maddie and I threw on some clothes and headed down only find out that the kids' play area was full. :( The guy {I can never remember his name} told me a group of moms come in to work out together and drop their offsprings off around this time.

Ok, mental note, since I'm not working out with said workout ladies, get up earlier and head to the gym to make the 9:00 spin class, and then try to enjoy the Zumba class come Sunday afternoon. *shakes head in agreement with myself :)* {motherhood drives you to the point of talking to yourself}

So, even though the Zumba class/gym time was a bust, Maddie and I headed over to the grocery store located next door to finish up our shopping. I decided about a month ago to set up a grocery budget, $200 every two weeks. Since I get paid bi-monthly, I'd take out $200, cash, from checking and then when it was gone, it was gone. I figured having the physical amount present would help to remind me of the budget. Sadly, for a family of 4/5 people, $400 a month is cutting it tight, too tight this time around.

I understood that by cutting Maddie's school days down to two days a week, even though I was saving a nice chunk, I would also be spending more on food since Daddy and Maddie would be spending their days at home now. And, Maddie loves her healthy foods: avocados, fresh fruit, brown rice, black olives, beans and veggies, which aren't always pricey but never seem to be cheap.

I also learned a little trick with meat; we don't always have to have meat with dinner. By alternating meat days we save money as well as cut out extra calories from our diet. Now, I didn't say we skip on protein, cheeses are good, beans, and veggie burgers are always around the house.

So, I know I don't have the perfect budget in place just yet, but we're working on it. How about You? Do you plan out meals before shopping or wing it at the store??


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