Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

I have so many excited things planned for today: morning church, shopping, dying eggs, studying. All of things bring me great joy {yes, even the studying...}. Most importantly, I'll be doing all these things with family. I've really become more family-centered within the last couple of years. It may not seem so to my extended family, but in my heart, my thoughts, and hopefully my actions, it's showing that I appreciate and love them all.

I think of ways to make more time for them. I try to plan family visits, and even with gas prices racing out of control, I plan to make several trips to see them all this summer. 

I miss my mom right now. I think it has to do with another life change thats occurring at the moment, my graduation, new decisions, and such. I really wish she'd be sitting in that seat when I walk across the stage. I really wish she'd be there that day to hug me and tell me how proud she is of me. I know she won't be there. I know I've had plenty of time with her. So instead, I hug my family a little tighter and I appreciate the moments I get with them.

I awoke this morning to study. And after doing so for a bit I looked down to see the peace lilly from my Nana's funeral sitting at my front door. I decided to move it out onto the porch this morning so it could enjoy the beautiful day. I then began noticing the irises that are blooming around my steps. I'm gonna pick up a few more plants today and plant them in remembrance of my mom. I know they're just flowers. And I know it means nothing to the world, but for me, today, this weekend, is about family and I want her memories included.

Jeremy isn't as excited about all my plans as I am, and I'm not sure Austin will show up for the egg dying, but none the less, I plan on enjoying this time together. I'll take way too many pictures, spend a day editing them all, and I'll post them here for you all to see. 

May you all have time today to really enjoy your family/friends. May you all have moments where true happiness and joy engulf you and then may we truly understand Good Friday.

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