Friday, April 22, 2011

Weight Loss Challenge: 15 By June

Annie @ has set forth a challenge of 15 pounds by the end of June. I'm taking it on! Annie's reasoning is for a conference, mine is for a water park birthday planned in mid July for Jeremy. Ok, I'll admit it, I want to be 15 pounds lighter by the time I slip into a bathing suite and expose this body to the world. My main focus will always be on health and fitness, but again, I want to look my best come this summer. 

So, the first challenge is to incorporate more water into my day, and, I feel pretty confident in this one. I'm setting my goal for 64 ounces, and that's above what I drink while working out. Now, the next step will be to focus on my nutrition as well as workouts. While using, I've calculated my need for 1200 to 1500 calories a day, striving to burn 2000 calories a week. Supposedly, the weight will simply melt away while using this formula. 

Ok, I'm a little scared. It's not the workouts that have me questioning it all, it's the food intake. I've just never been able to do it. If I go under 1,000 calories, I suffer from terrible headaches. And the evening snacks don't even help my cause. I have one more week til my exams and after that I plan on bringing back my morning and evening workouts. I'm hoping by getting an evening walk in, my appetite will be suppressed and the snacking will take a back seat to my goals.

All we can do is try, right? Right. So, here we go, let's move forward, let's have fun, and let's lose 15 pounds!

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