Monday, April 18, 2011

Just Keepin' On

Does your life seem like a big ball of twine that gets patted around on the floor by that playful, fluffy kitty?? Mine does.

Each Monday I set out to write down and track my weekly fitness goals. Each Sunday, my brain begins ticking as to what I want on my plate for the following week. The same ole, same ole...

Monday: Spin Class {morning} 60 Day SlimDown/ Core Firming Sequence Method {evening}
Tuesday: Power {weight lifting}
Wednesday: Spin Class {morning} 60 Day SlimDown/ Core Firming Sequence Method {evening}
Thursday: Morning Run
Friday: Morning Run {Good Friday!} 60 Day SlimDown/ Core Firming Sequence Method 
Saturday: Run
Sunday: Easter!

And there we have it, Folks. It all looks so sweet and simple laid out in black and white, but there are times that this weekly schedule is the hardest thing to keep in line. I love the after feeling, I even love the pain during {sometimes}, but the hardest part right now is setting aside this time for me, realizing it's importance, and not putting something like sleep or studying in front of it.

Life changes are hard, and yet, prioritizing seems even harder. What about You? How are you incorporating your fitness into a busy schedule this week??

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