Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturday Soccer: Recap I

Storms moved in Friday evening and continued well into the early morning. Jeremy's soccer game that was scheduled for 9:00 a.m., Saturday, was pushed back 2 hours. Maddie stayed with her Daddy since I knew the soccer fields would resemble something more like a rice field after all that rain.

It was windy and cold. The kids didn't seem to mind, though. By the time I got to the Y, they were all out practicing passing and goal shots. I planted my seat and noticed, again, how big Jeremy looks out on this field. His size almost doubles next to some of the smaller players. They group the ages, which covers about three years, but still, I simply think he's gonna be a tall one.

He started out on the sidelines which ruffled his feathers a bit. Everyone needs to play, and the sidelines are just as important as being on the field for learning, in my opinion. When he did go in, he went straight for the ball. Their opponents, the Red Team, were strong and continued to play offense. We spent a great deal of time protecting our goal and trying to push the ball back down. Jeremy ran the ball well when he got the chance. 
After half time, Jeremy played goalie. He called out to his team mates several times, directing them in where they needed to be to help protect the goal. He saved several scores but two still got past him. You could tell he was a bit disappointed in himself whenever he didn't make a save.

After the game, he and I were walking back to the car, and the referee came up to him, stuck out his hand, and told him it was a great game and that Jeremy was a really good soccer player. Jeremy shook his hand and thanked him. I about fell over from pure joy and excitement. As I drove away from the game, I thought maybe Jeremy does deserve to play on a select team {his Dad's been talking about it for a couple years now}. He really does enjoy playing and he's so serious about it, maybe we should allow him to go out for a team.  It's definitely something I'll pray about and see what Jeremy wants to do.

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