Friday, April 8, 2011

Our Work Is Never Done: Education

5:16 a.m. and my phone rings as I'm a mile away from the gym. It's my husband, and it seems Jeremy has left his book bag in my car and needs me to bring it back home for school. I'd been crying on the drive {an uncle of mine will be passing away soon} and so I immediately jump on the idea of turning my car around and heading back. Any other day and I would have thrown a fit to give up my spin class for returning a book bag that will only merit him a "dollar" for having his notebook in class {the kids are rewarded with play money for having school supplies & at the end of the semester they get to purchase items with what they've earned}.

When I arrived home, my son was standing at the top of the stairs. I open the door to hear, "I'm sorry, Mom." I guess he realized I'm pretty anal about my routine. I feel guilty for even contemplating the desire of putting myself before his need of a book bag.

My knee has been acting up this morning so instead of going downstairs or outside for a run I decided, instead, to have a little Mother/Son moment over school work. I'm studying for my Praxis exams and so any free time I have is with a book open, and, why not include my son, he seems to also always have extra homework to do.

He did spelling words, sight words, and multiplications. I passed out M&M's after he completed each section. He chomped and I continued to write up my note cards. It was then that I realized what we were really sharing. Sure we were enjoying each other's company but I was also showing him how important studying actually is to me. It's great to encourage our children to study hard, the importance of education, and so forth, but to actually get in the trenches with them, I think means a bit more.

I want all my kids to know I value education {not only formal education either} as an important character trait. I want them to feel comfortable to investigate and continue to learn as they grow through this life. If we stand still too long we become stagnant and complacent. Life is always moving forward and we need to as well. 

As I've gotten older, I'm realizing more and more how my actions speak so loudly to my children. When I say my son's prayers at night, I specific touch on certain areas simply because I know that I'm not only building a spiritual relationship with him but also teaching him and passing on a way of praying. Parenthood is pretty amazing. I wish, sometimes, that it came with a manual, but then maybe if I followed a guideline I'd miss out on my own opportunities of sharing life and growing with my kids.

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