Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weekend Wander

For The Love Of Blog has become my new best blogging friend. Everyday there is something different to click, something new to learn, simply a candy store of blog collections to choose from and befriend. It's my moment away from the world, my running while I stand still, so to speak.

This week has been a hard one, and I'm ready for a moment to relax. Below are a couple questions and answers simply to entertain and pass the time as you cruise this little space I call Carrigan's Joy.

Define yourself...
I am an ever changing version of myself. Part of the time I'm lost, the other part I have my head screwed on straight and I'm blazing through the galaxy, clicking pictures and spreading my Joy.

Your greatest influence...
Jesus, my mom, and my husband. My mother taught me a great deal about faith. My husband has taught me a great deal about change and acceptance. The good Lord continuously teaches me about love.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Full of wonderful memories that include grown child {some of them anyway :)}, running of marathons, gardens, classrooms full of kids and families, and building friendships through out my community.

Where do you see yourself today?
With family, celebrating the life of my grandmother, "Nana."

Thanks for visiting! Leave me a message and I'll stop by for a small chat! Enjoy your day!!

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