Sunday, April 10, 2011

Francis Virgina Harmon

 My mom and Nana on her 81st birthday

Nana on her 85th birthday

My grandmother, Nana, was born March 21, 1925. I like to think of her as a sassy woman, a typical female of this family. She married a man and had two great daughters. She became my Nana in 1977 and she's always held a special place in my heart. 

She's really the only grandmother I've ever known, well, through my childhood that is. Nana was always around when it was time for traveling or keeping a spot on the couch warm. She loved play cards, smoking cigarettes, and dancing {back in her younger days}. 

She drove a big Cadillac, had poofy hair for a couple decades, and laughed just as loud as the other women in the family. She had light blue eyes and white hair that she always seemed to run her hands through {I wonder if it was simply an old habit she used to hold that hair up}. She had a long slender nose, slender body and frame, with large boobs {she really could have made it as a "Hollywood girl" if she wanted}.

I never heard her speak ill of people. Even though she was sassy, she was charming and always lady like. She was raised with old Southern flare, and even though she didn't speak of her heritage as others in the family did, I'm sure it rain through her veins as complete as anyone else.

Today we celebrate Nana's life by coming together, retelling stories, and saying good-bye. She lived a good life, had no regrets, and leaves memories that I'll forever cherish. 

I love you, Nana. I'm proud of you. I'll see you soon enough when my race is done.

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