Saturday, April 30, 2011

So Saddened by The Pain

Rhea county damage
courtesy of WRCB

I do not believe in fate. I believe in free will. I do not believe all moments in life are dictated by God. Again, I believe in free will. I do not believe that simply by being good, goodness will flow back to you, tragedy strikes even the best of us.

I was told yesterday about a family that lost their 2 month old baby to one of the recent storms that struck our area. The baby, with his aunt, was swept away during a tornado. Countless people have lost their lives, lost loved ones, and/or their homes. Buildings are gone. Lives are shattered. 

My heart aches so deeply for those who have suffered. I feel moved to do something, to contribute; our school is holding a food bank, radio stations are asking for donations, while churches are taking volunteers out to help clean up the damage. 

I'm not inclined to ask why this has happened. I simply do not see the need to understand or to even question, life will continue on and to play my part means I move forward as well. But I just need to take a moment and mourn for the loss of relationships, for the pain that is being felt, and to offer my thoughts and prayers to those who are suffering at the moment. 

May peace be with you, may you find support and love, may your hearts mend, and may your lives begin to rebuild. 

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