Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dear Baby Soup: Weeks 4, 5, & 6

Dear Baby Soup,

I met you on a Friday. You were first a faint line on a pregnancy test, a day before Aunt Flow was to show. I ran into the bedroom and exclaimed, "I think I see a line!" Your dad replied, "oh yeah?" I left the test in the bathroom and told him to take a look when he got up. I headed into work, excited, happy, and in a bit of shock. I called him later that morning and had him tell me what he saw, "two lines," he said. I called again just to hear him say it once more. :)

The next day, I graduated. I was so happy to have you walk across that stage with me. Family was here but I wanted to keep you a secret for a moment. It's now three weeks since I discovered you, 6 weeks gestation. I have a feeling you're a boy and I'll continue to refer to you as a him until I hear/see otherwise. You've also already been nicknamed, Soup. It's your Dad's idea and the actual idea of you has been around since the birth of your sister, Maddie. You also have two other brothers, Austin and Jeremy, both of which know all about you now and are kind of neutral about the whole thing, however, I think your brother Jeremy is actually a little excited about your appearance, especially if you're a boy. :)

6 week symptoms:
~ mild nausea
~ heightened smell
~ bloating
~ some fatigue but not bad

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