Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dear Baby Soup: Only 30 More Weeks To Go!

Ok, so 30 weeks really does seem like a long time, actually, but it is the case so we'll go with it. :) Let's move on...

They Might Be Giants {a band} will be playing in Nashville Sept 27 and I think we'll buy your Daddy some tickets as a surprise. :) He loves this band. It's one of his many favs. Should we go with him? I can't decide. He's made an offer to friends to drive them all up there, there might not be room, and we {you in my belly, along with me} may be a bit big by September, but still, it would be fun to go and enjoy it with him. I'll decide later.

Some more good news is that it's been almost a week since I actually threw up. The nausea comes and goes, especially around 3:00 p.m. but other than that...ok, seriously. I couldn't even finish typing this sentence before I had to run to the bathroom for a massive overhaul of everything in my belly, which was pretty much stomach acid. Really? I could call it psychosomatic, that just the thought of throwing up brings it on, but really I'd say it's more that You're a bit like your father and don't enjoy me telling You what You're doing to my body.

Ok, Baby Soup, grow big and strong, my love. I will/would puke a hundred times over for you, to know you are safe and sound inside of me. Now I'm gonna go brew some Ginger Root tea, thanks Nonna! :)

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