Sunday, June 26, 2011

Food: What's In It?

I recently watched the movie, Food Inc and I'm pretty sure my life has been forever changed. I've always been on the end that thinks a bit differently, views the word on a bit of a tilter, and you'd probably stone me if you knew my true views on politics{they don't typically lean in support of capitalism}.

I'm different. And I've always felt different.

However, I do believe we're seeing important, supportive research that sides with the minority when it comes to buying organic, buying locally, and buying with health in mind. I feel as a parent it's my responsibility to not only ensure my children have quality education, a safe home environment, but that they're healthy as well. I buy the food, I cook it, and I serve it, therefore I'm responsible for making sure the quality is of the utmost to benefit the ones I love.

Now, I must admit, I don't have the financial means to buy exactly the way I'd like, solely organic, but I can make wise decisions and cut down on the amount of pesticides my family is exposed to. Below is a widget that will give you an idea of how many pesticides, and other harmful toxins, are found within the foods we buy. Check it out, I think you'll be as surprised as I was.

Now, what about you? Do you buy organic? Do you feel it makes a difference in the quality of your food or do you feel safe purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables from your local grocery store? I'd love to hear your ideas on this topic.

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