Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday Is A No Go

I have lost the cable to charge my camera battery. It's killing me! I keep checking the same drawer, where I know it should be, but it can't be found. I know I'm gonna have to break down and buy a new one; I'm just soooo cheap, and I don't want to. But, in the mean time, you've missed squash growing in my garden, a giant gross looking bug Sean found and tried to place in the house but kept scaring me and Maddie, the beautiful smiles of my children, and just my overall enjoyment of picture taking.

And speaking of pictures, I get to see a great one today of my little Soup. :) I have an appointment this afternoon to do another scan. I'm taking juice with me to drink on the ride over, hoping to wake my little one up for some great action shots. :) Is that mean? I hope not. 

And, this appointment is scheduled after my interview this morning. :) I'm interviewing for one of the oldest preschool classrooms in my school. I feel pretty confident in it all but you simply never know how things will turn out. This job would definitely bring with it a pay raise as well as fall break, spring break, and the summer off. Right now I work all year round since our contracts with the state are for 12 months. To be working and paid as my fellow co-teachers, yeah, I'm ready. :)

So, today will be a very busy day. I'd love some prayers and positive thoughts. :) I'm also going to have a friend of mine scan my ultrasound pics tomorrow so hopefully you'll all get to see our little one very soon.  :)

God bless and enjoy!

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