Monday, June 20, 2011

Good Morning Monday Blues

I awoke this morning to a very sad feeling. I'm not really sure what it's about. I have a slight fear that I won't have the funds to stay home on an extended maternity leave and maybe that's what has me down. I think of finances about 50% of my day. We're not bad off just not where I'd like us to be, but then I'm not sure I'll reach that mark until I'm closer to my 50's. 

I think I need a vacation.

Anyway, one of the beautiful moments about being pregnant is that it seems all a person's anxieties and deep feelings surface and are either resolved or not. I'm making it a priority to deal with all I'm feeling and then let it go. And by letting go I mean praying, giving it to God, and then enjoying my life in the present. Below is a video of Maddie from this weekend. I was thinking she was saying, "that's a slide," but after watching it a couple of times I think she saying, "that's fun. that's a fun slide."

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