Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Workout Wednesdays

I really do believe that if you write it down, you're more likely to make it happen. So, even though I'm not 100% comfortable bringing out this post {I'm just not sure I can commit to it}, I at least have a better chance of sticking with it if I get the idea out there.

Above is a pic from  one of our family walks. It's from our local Greenway and it's a beautiful area to walk in. I usually push Maddie in the stroller, yet lately she's been wanting walk, and Jeremy typically rides his bike. We walked a nice 50 minutes this day and it felt great. I had originally planned to walk every day during this pregnancy but morning sickness and fatigue have had other ideas. I've purchased a yoga pregnancy DVD and I've done it once. I'm not sure where my motivation has gone. I watch runners and practically drool at the idea of moving my body like that again. I want to stay active during these next seven months so that when I do return to running it wont be so hard. 

So, I'll write out a plan and try to stick with it. I'm sure things will come up but I'll try to make adjustments and move on. Oh, does anyone have any advice on keeping water down? This seems to be one of my aversions at the moment. I drink some water, I throw up. I have been adding some poweraid to the mix and it seems to help. Any other ideas are greatly welcomed. :)

Weekly Schedule:
Monday: Afternoon walk
Tuesday: Morning swim @ the gym
Wednesday: Morning walk @ the gym
Thursday: Morning yoga/afternoon walk
Friday: Morning yoga/afternoon walk
Saturday: Morning walk w/ the kids
Sunday: afternoon walk w/ the kids
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