Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dear Baby Soup: 16 Weeks

Our last week in our 4th month!  The bones within your ears should have developed enough that you can now hear us all talking to you. Your Dad enjoys talking loudly to my belly so that you don't miss anything he has to say and so then your sister comes along and does the same thing. :) 

I get to feel a couple kicks a day and in about 2 more weeks we'll get to see you on another scan. Everyone asks if we know what gender you are...I go back and forth from thinking you're a girl then a boy. 

My belly has certainly grown. I'm still in between my regular and maternity clothes. I've gained about 10 pounds and I've just recently gotten over my hard-core craving of jalapenos. I think I'm in a neutral particular cravings as of today. :)

Other that that, it's hot, so very hot and I day dream of winter and all it's coldness and then of course, the birth of you, my little one. :)

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