Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mommy Away From Home

So I arrived last night to Johnson City for a 3 day/night conference with friends and co-workers. It was a pretty crazy ride up, one in which that took us about 5 hours when it only should have taken 3.5. Who knows where the time went, it certainly wasn't spent on the 5 potty breaks and long dinner we enjoyed in Knoxville. :)

After we arrived, I ran down stairs to pick up a decaf Starbucks and began my soak in the tub. I shaved my legs, washed my hair, and then realized I was actually enjoying my Mommy free time. I wasn't rushed to get out and feed anyone and there was no beautiful toddler standing with the shower curtain open asking me what I was doing. It was just me, my coffee, and abandoned legs. 

I awoke this morning to missing my Hubs and kids and I hope and pray by the time Saturday comes along I'll have enjoyed enough free time conference learning to head back home refreshed and ready to give it my all, but now, it's time for hair and make up, breakfast and a fun-filled day of preschool news. I also look forward to an enjoyable dinner, a workout time and soaking in the pool. :)

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