Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dear Baby Soup: Week 15

Hey there my little love! There's no belly pic this week, I've just been too busy and yet lazy to do it. :) I promise you are still growing and everything is well. I even went out and shopped around for maternity clothes today. The one thing I regret giving away - my belly band and maternity shorts. I can't be too hard on myself though, I remember how wonderful it felt to finally get out of those clothes and to not want to think about wearing them again for a mighty long time, and yet I didn't realize I'd need them again this quickly. It's feels almost like yesterday that I was pregnant with your sister.

Anyway, we move on. :) You are now about the size of an orange and I felt a really good kick this last weekend. It was only once but I so know it was you! :) I feel flutters from time to time and I can't wait til I feel all your movements. 

My body has definitely changed recently, my butt seems to have built itself a new little shelf. I have no idea really. It's just as if my butt has grown...outward. I'm not really thrilled and I daydream of running again. I do enjoy great weekend walks and I've order a nice {preowned} pregnancy DVD to do with you in the mornings. As I was purchasing it, I was already thinking of who I could pass it on to once I'm done with it. 

I'm drinking lots of water but I have noticed I'm swelling just a bit. I recently read that it's quiet normal around this time to start swelling - that's always something I've disliked about being pregnant. Oh, and the round ligament pain is a doozy. I've been stretching and trying to slow down, but it's something that just comes with the territory. However, the morning sickness has really slacked off, I only puked once this last week.

This week is gonna be pretty busy. I leave Wednesday after work to head to Johnson City for a three day conference. The good thing is I'll be enjoying a pool, the bad thing is I'll miss my family terribly. I then turn around a week later and head back to Nashville for two days for another conference. 

Overall things are going well and time is flying by. I look forward to cooler weather, the holidays, and your arrival. :)

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