Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dear Baby Soup: Week 20

Wow, we're half way there! 

I'm pretty impressed. I'm physically feeling well and I'm still going strong. My hormones are a bit out of whack which means I cry sometimes and feel a bit down but I'm crossing my fingers a nice fitness plan will help with that. Overall, this pregnancy is going well. :)

I really started feeling your movements this past week. I know when you're awake now {which is mainly when I'm resting or when Maddie is loud} and I love that you kick/move when ever I touch my belly. :)

You're growing big, you're about 10 ounces in weight and around 10 inches long. Wow, what a big girl! :)
20 weeks pregnant
Cravings: grapefruit

What I miss: Sleeping on my belly & sleeping without painful rollovers {round ligament pain}

What I'm loving: feeling you move!

What I look forward to: Meeting you

What I'm doing in preparation for you: I'm mentally organizing all the baby clothes and items. I'm keeping an eye out for large consignment sales, and thinking of ways to save money.

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