Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dear Baby Soup: Weeks 18 and 19

19 weeks pregnantSo I got a little busy last week and didn't enter week 18 so it will simply be combined into this weeks. It's ok to make mistakes or to forget things at times, Little Soup, life isn't perfect and nor should we expect it to be.

Forgiveness should be a big priority in your life. I know it's hard. Oh, do I know, but it's just as important for you to forgive those who have hurt you as it is for you to be forgiven. The good Lord says, we are forgiven as we forgive, which ultimately should be the reason why we forgive {simply because we have been forgiven ourselves} but it also does a world of good to our own peace of mind when we forgive.

When you hold on to pain and grudges, you allow anger to build and resentment to set in. This resentment and pain will only eat at you, yet through forgiveness you can experience freedom and relief. It's amazing how it all works. I hope and pray you are never injured to the point of never being able to forgive but in the case you are, it's through God's love that you will be able to show grace just as you are shown. Always remember that, my little love.

With our last dr. appointment we did another ultrasound and it seems you're a little girl. :) You weren't moving much but you were rubbing your face and sucking your thumb. We checked all your different body parts and I loved seeing a glimpse of you again. :)

I can't believe you'll be with us in just a little over 4 months. :) I'm stocking away the savings so I can spend time with you before going back to work. I can't wait to smell you and feel your soft skin. I love you, Baby Soup!

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