Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Training For The Big Day

Back in October of last year I got sidetracked and my running fell to the wayside. And then in May I became pregnant and didn't feel comfortable picking back up with it. I've missed running. I've mentioned it several times. It's not that running is physically an enjoyable sport it's hard and challenging but that in itself is what I find enjoyable. 

If it was easy everyone would do it and yet only a small portion of the crazed fitness geeks out there run, and yet I'm proud and excited to say I'm one of them. I may not be the fastest or can even match toe to toe with vetran runners but I love it none the less.

So, I've felt a little out of wack not running. I've tried different activities since then: workout DVD's, swimming, the treadmill, and bike. They all give me what I need - a workout - but they all lack what I truly desire - to simply run.

So then you ask why I'm sitting here wasting all these words on talking about what I want to do rather than just doing it. Well, it's my knees, they haven't been happy for awhile now and rather than going out and doing it the way I did the first time {running everyday with swollen knees} I'd like to take some time and do it differently.

I'll be starting with my bike. When I ride {from the comfort of my own living room} my knees stay lubricated and pain free. It blows my mind but my knees actually need to ride, probably even as much as my heart needs to run. So, instead of only planning for next year races I'm also planning for another moment that will require a great deal of dedication, strength, and desire - the natural birth of my baby, in a hospital setting.

On a side note, even though I've always planned to have all my children drug free, I was only able to see it through during the home birth I had with Maddie. And since we aren't going a home birth this time around, I really need to be prepared to do this naturally in an environment that typically supports medical intervention and drugs. And I'm not knocking Moms who use medicine to ease their birth, I'm just saying this is the route I want to go even though I've failed twice before. 

So, this post is about setting goals, getting back on track, figuring out what I want, and making it happen. I have 4 months to spend devoted to strengthening up my knees so that I can start running again by mid February/March. And while keeping my mind focused on next year's races, I'll actually be training for the best moment of all, meeting my baby girl. :) So, here's to making it happen and enjoying the journey of getting there!

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