Sunday, September 25, 2011

Back To The Basics: Running

I'm pretty excited about signing up for the Run For God program at church. The family and I will meet on Wednesday's to enjoy a nice devotion and workout. I made it clear to the group that I'd probably just be walking but come our first race, which is the last of Feb., I may actually be back into running. What a way to kick off my love again for the sport, with a nice race! And, this comes right on the heels of my gym cancellation so hopefully I'll be able to stick with a program, stay in shape, which will only help my birth, and then pick right back up with running afterwards. 

Other than that, Sean has taken our car in to get an odd noise checked out. Praying all is well and I'll deal with the results with positivity {this isn't the best time for us financially to have a car problem}. Sean does have an interview set up Tuesday which seems so far away but in retrospect, we're still doing well, and everything will be fine. 


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