Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Eggnog: I Love you

So, just yesterday I start blabbing about how I'm gonna give up sugar and all then I have a massive food craving while grocery shopping. The babe that inhabits this body took over and threw two bags of chips in my buggy, a Sierra Mist natural, ice cream, and EGGNOG! I do not usually buy these items. Well, everything but the eggnog.

I love eggnog. I adore eggnog. I love the fact that it's a seasonal item and when it appears in stores my whole world becomes brighter {ok, not really, but ya know....} I truly enjoy it. And kids are not allowed to drink it in my presence. I don't believe they can understand that magnitude of it's deliciousness and will simply chug it like it's water...it is not water...it is eggnog.

Welcome Holiday Season, let us sip the nog. The end.

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