Monday, November 7, 2011

Sugar, I'd Love To Let You Go

You know what I'd love to give up? Sugar. You know, the sweet of sweets, those little hard candies, the white dust in my coffee, and what about that pie I enjoyed for breakfast. Yeah, it was sugar free but still.... Pie for breakfast?

I'm pregnant! Get off my back!! 

And yet, being pregnant is probably one of the best reasons to give up the bad "good" stuff. I've heard you can drop about 10 pounds a year by giving up sugar. I've heard letting go of the stuff will overall help your whole healthy: blood sugar, teeth, etc., so why am I having such a hard time letting it go?

I'm addicted. It's true. I love the sweet stuff. I enjoy it in my coffee and nibble on it around the holidays. Ok, so maybe I don't have a HUGE addiction but still none the less, I'd miss it terribly, or would I?

Maybe I'm just not ready for so much change in my life, I mean I am about to have a baby. Maybe I should wait and just not worry right now. 

It is just sugar.... But why back down from a challenge, even if it is only against myself? I could go on and on, round and round and still never decide what I want to do. But then again, I already stated what I wanted to do..."give up sugar." So, what's the big deal now. Just do it already. GAH! :)

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