Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Butt Aches!

I am so freakin' uncomfortable! Which means I am so freakin' irritable!

My poor family. They ask me a question and I snap their head and limbs off. 

I so know why this point in a pregnancy must exist, if not women would be more than content to allow their little offspring to continue to live and dwell in the residency of wombville and simply never want them to leave. I know I would. I have been so happy sharing this life with this babe that it hasn't been until recently that I've actually started thinking about the way life will be once he/she is actually here. I have truly enjoyed being pregnant and sharing the small, intimate moments of my life with this baby. However, I am now utterly impatient and chronically sore. I moan and groan to no end and my family happily accepts it. I owe them a great deal.

*Moans one last time*

Only 2 more weeks til full term, only 6 more weeks til due date, I can so do this.....

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