Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why Do Babies/Children Drive Us Crazy??

Today was interesting. It started out a little unique. I forgot to set my alarm but was able to roll over at just the precise time that it should have been going off, awaking instantly, and smiling at my good fortune. :)

The day later turned a bit stressful when my uterus became a bit too happy and decided to contract itself every 10 minutes for roughly about 2 hours. I went home, to rest and drink my water. 

This afternoon I had my usual 4 week check up to which my doctor wasn't really even concerned about the pre-term labor I thought I had been experiencing. He assured me that everything was good and to call if/when I ever have 10 to 12 contractions an hour. Ok. Will do.

I'm now home, craving Japanese food while my toddler hangs on my arm yelling for her all time fav. food now, Nutella. I give it a couple more days and the container will be empty, then we'll have to move on to more nutritious foods again. :)

P.S. Not sure this post has anything to do with why children drive parents crazy. I seriously think my brain cells are slowly seeping away. Please ignore anything you find inaccurate or odd. 

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