Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Bucket List: Bloggy Moms

I love the fact that I accomplish pretty much all the goals I set out with for 2011, and looking back on them, they weren't too shabby if I do say so myself. I graduated, took on a new classroom, bought a car, and got to see some family. I haven't checked off the happy/healthy pregnancy just yet, well, cause, I haven't completed that one yet but soon...soon. The only goal I didn't get around to was the beach trip but I hope to make that happen in 2012. :)

So, there we have it, my list for this year is a bit vague with no great details but I plan on taking the time to get all that set up as the year goes. With so many changes this year I didn't want to box myself into anything I couldn't handle.

To a great year!!

Goals for 2011:
  • to graduate with my Master's degree in Special Education  {May 7, 2011 - Finally I am done!}
  • to buy a {new to me} car  {July 4, 2011}
  • to watch my son, Austin, graduate  {May 27, 2011 - I am so proud of Austin!}
  • a new classroom  {July 15, 2011 - got word of my promotion & new class!}
  • to have a happy and healthy pregnancy
  • to enjoy a beach trip
  • to spend Thanksgiving in Memphis  {Thanksgiving 2011}
Goals for 2012:

Kicking Off A New Year With A New Me 
  • a family garden
  • running
  • clean eating
  • spiritual growth/less judgmental
Future Goals:
  • to run the Gate to Gate {May 2012}
  • to run the Chattanooga Mud Run {Aug. 2012}
  • to run a half marathon
  • to fun a full marathon
  • to finish a mini-triathlon
  • to sing publicly at a karaoke bar
  • to visit: Savannah, Ga; Washington, D.C.; New Orleans, La; Roanoke, Va, China
  • to learn to fly a plane
  • to dance in public
  • to write a book

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