Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 1: Apple, Spinach, and Cranberry Smoothie

So, I threw it together...the first of my 30 day challenge smoothies. 

Day 1:
 a handful of spinach, a chopped apple, and a cup of cranberry juice {the cranberry juice did consist of apple, pear, and cranberry juices}. Blended. 

I must admit, it turned out very nicely. The peel left a bit of pulp so if you want to try this smoothie and you're not big on texture in your drinks, make sure you remove the peel before throwing it in your blender.

MMMMMMMMM, but like I said, this is good. You primarily taste the apple, and it's a deep, dark green. Sorry, my camera battery went out right as I was about to take a pic.

So, there we have it...Enjoy!

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