Monday, February 27, 2012

Motivated Monday: 6 Weeks Postpartum

Jacob will be 6 weeks old in a couple of days and even though I know my body hasn't fully recovered from his grand entrance into the world, I'm ready to work out.

Last night Jeremy and I actually did 20 minutes of interval training. It was a postnatal bootcamp DVD I have and it was pretty entertaining watching the two of us do our thing. I must admit, I'm shocked at how weak I feel and yet happy that I was able to do what I could. This morning brought a bit of soreness but nothing that a little water, protein, and stretching wont fix.

And speaking of water and protein, I'd really like to try a 30 day smoothie challenge. I've been thinking about it often, I'm just not sure I can commit to it, though. My life still feels a bit wobbly and out of sorts at times...I don't want to start something and then not be able to finish it. Maybe I'll just dally around with some smoothies until it just naturally comes into play that I'm drinking them regularly.

So, do I have a workout plan for this week?? I'd like to complete the 12 week bootcamp program, alternating every other day on the toning workouts and do cardio 5 days a week. Will it happen? I have no idea, but is that a reason to not list it out and try? Nope. Not a good enough reason at all. :) So here goes...

Sunday: 20 minute post natal bootcamp - day 1, week 1
Monday: 30 minute bike ride {extra: family walk}
Tuesday: post natal bootcamp - day 2, week 1
Wednesday: 30 minute bike ride
Thursday: post natal bootcamp - day 3, week 1
Friday: 30 minute bike ride

This should be simple enough. I wont have to do much thinking, just exercising. And on the nutritional side, I plan to drink one 8 oz glass of water before every meal to help feel fuller. Let's see if that helps. :)

Have a fabulous week and sweat a bit, why don't ya!

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